Best Password Manager Apps to Store Passwords & Manage Passwords

By | September 9, 2017

In the first place, creating different passwords for each online account is hard. After creating, managing them is not a simple task.  But, it’s not impossible.  With the best password manager apps available in the market, one can easily manage passwords.  Not just that, some of these password saver apps can even generate the complex passwords for a user.

Another best part about these password saver apps is, they are FREE.  They store passwords in a password database and offers the best password protection through various encryption standards.

Best Password Manager Apps to Store Passwords & Manage Passwords - InfoSeekOut

This article discusses few of such best password manager apps that offer password creator, password database, password safety and password security.

Best Password Manager App: LastPass

What is LastPass?

LastPass is the best password manager built with priority to safeguard user data. From time to time, it stores encrypted passwords in user private accounts. To explain, they never have the key to your account.

By using LastPass, one can say goodbye to sticky notes. Once you install LastPass on your device, there is no need to write, remember and reset the passwords. Overall, you need to remember is one master password.


What are the features that LastPass offer?

It comes in two versions.  Free as well as premium.


What Free version offers?

  • Free to install & access on all devices.
  • Save & fill passwords
  • Password generator
  • Secure notes
  • Share passwords & notes
  • Security challenge
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)


What Premium version offers?

If you enjoy the free version and want to explore most of the LastPass, go for the premium version.  Premium version includes everything in free version, plus

  • Shared family folder – up to 5 users
  • YubiKey & Sesame 2FA options
  • Priority tech support
  • LastPass for Applications
  • Desktop fingerprint identification
  • 1GB of encrypted file storage


What is the cost of Premium version?

Premium version is available as low as $1 /month (pricing billed annually).


How to install & use LastPass?

Installation of LastPass as Browser extension:

The first step is to install the extension in your browser. Once you install, it then allows you to save & access passwords across multiple devices.

The second step is to create a private account with LastPass. Look for the LastPass button in your browser toolbar. This is the button you use to log into LastPass every day.

The third step is to create one long, secure master password. This is the only password you have to remember. Log in to your LastPass account with a master password and access all other account passwords.

Remember: If you fail to recall this one master password, there is no way you can log into your accounts. Also, those who have this master password can have access to all of your accounts stored in LastPass account.

Tip: The coolest way to create a super strong master password is through memorable passphrase.
The fourth and final step is to add websites to LastPass vault. There are multiple ways how you can add a website to the vault. One is to add as you log in, the other is to import sites from email and the other way is to import/upload from another best password manager and more.


Installation of LastPass as Mobile App:

Step 1: Download LastPass app from the app store on your device.
Step 2: Login with the same LastPass account to sync your data.

It removes the hassle of typing on small mobile keyboards with automated app fill.

For easy, secure access to your passwords, swipe into the LastPass app with your fingerprint.


How will LastPass provide security to your passwords?

LastPass implements strong encryption algorithms like AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes.  This ensures complete security to passwords in the cloud.

LastPass uses a local-only encryption feature.  With this, all the user passwords are encrypted and decrypted at the device level.  Data stored in the vault is kept secret, even from LastPass.  The master password and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data are never sent to LastPass’ servers.  As a result, they can’t even be accessible by LastPass.

Furthermore, LastPass adds extra security to user accounts with the Two-factor authentication mechanism.  This is implemented by necessitating a second login step before allowing access to your vault.


Best Password Manager App: KeePassX

What is KeePassX?

KeePassX is a free password management application. It is released under the terms of GNU General Public License.  The application well suits for people those who have high demands on secure personal data management.


What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of KeePassX?


  • KeePassX has a light interface and supports cross-platform.
  • It saves different types of user information like user names, passwords, URLs, attachments, and comments in one single database.
  • KeePassX offers better management of user-defined titles and icons. Each single entry can have its own customized title and icon.
  • Moreover, the entries can be sorted in groups, which are customizable as well.
  • The integrated search function allows the users to perform the search in a single group or on the complete database.
  • KeePassX comes with a tiny utility for secure password generation.
  • The password generator in KeePassX is very customizable, fast and easy to use. Especially those who generate their passwords often will love this feature.
  • No need to worry about the security of a database.  The complete database is encrypted by either with AES or Twofish encryption algorithm using a 256-bit key.  For this reason, stored information can be considered as completely safe.
  • Not to forget.  KeePassX uses a format of the database that is compatible with KeePass Password Safe.  This makes the use of that application even more favorable.


  • No Auto-Type feature available on Windows.  It is currently supported only on Linux.
  • No plugins are available.  This is because no interface builds in to support plugins.


Best Password Manager App: Enpass

Enpass is the best password manager similar to other best password managers.  No hidden charges. No subscription fee to use the desktop app.  However, if you want to use a mobile app, the only trial is free.  A user has to buy Pro version and that gives lifetime license/platform basis.


What are the features that Enpass offer?

Autofill on the go: With this feature, there is no need to copy and paste the login details. Enpass Autofill the information with a single click.

Stores everything: Enpass not only stores your passwords. In addition, it also stores other information. Likewise Credit cards, Passports, Bank account details, and secure notes etc.

Other features of this BestPassword Manager are Cross-Platform, Multi Cloud Sync, and Unlock with Fingerprint.  Wearable Support, Strong Encryption, Backup and Restore, Password Generator, Customization, Automatic Data Import


Bonus: KeePass Password Safe is an open source best password manager that stores passwords in highly-encrypted databases.  KeePass Password Safe unlocks all your passwords with one master password.

Here is more about the KeePass Password Safe.



Best Password Manager App: Keeper

Paid: If you are interested in the paid software, try Keeper.

What is Keeper?

Keeper is the best password manager that stores and manages passwords in users Keeper vault.  After using Keeper, one never has to remember passwords again.


What are the features that Keeper offer?

  • Keeper allows users to create high-strength, random passwords quickly and easily.
  • It quickly imports passwords to Keeper vault by all means. Let it be a spreadsheet, browser or another best password manager.
  • Allows sharing of passwords and confidential files between teams.
  • Securely transfers company assets to admins, managers or other users.
  • Multi-Account switching between multiple accounts to keep business and personal digital vaults separate.



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