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[5 Reasons] Why Should You Own a Domain Name or Website?

By | October 14, 2017

Buying a domain name is the first thing you must do if you ever own a business or going to start the one.  There are many great things that a domain name can do to your business.   It can definitely boost the sale of products or services that you offer.  In this article, we are going… Read More »

Hashtags Power In Human Search & Social Media Optimization (SMO)

By | October 7, 2017

Hashtag Meaning: What are hashtags and how do they work? Hashtags are the tags followed by pound sign (#).  Of course, it can be found on your keyboard in the function keys. This metadata tag is often used by social network followers for searching products and services. Examples of hashtags to demonstrate: #seo #love #hustle  … Read More »