Mozilla Firefox Browser: 3 Reasons Why You Should Switch To It.

By | October 21, 2017

Mozilla Firefox Browser is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation.  It supports different operating system like Windows, macOS, Linux and even Android.

What is a web browser?  A web browser is a software application that is used for sending, retrieving and traversing information resources across the World Wide Web.

Even with the rise of mobile users and mobile apps, web browsers still have their role in connecting users to the Internet.  This is why most of the modern operating systems come with their own default web browsers.  Examples are: Microsoft Windows has Edge Browser and Apple Mac OS has Safari Browser.

In addition, there are few web browsers that are operating system-independent, open source and contribute high in the competitive diverse browser market.  Here, we will discuss one such browser – Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Mozilla Firefox Browser - 3 Reasons Why You Should Switch To It - InfoSeekOut

Below are the 3 reasons why you should switch to Mozilla Firefox Browser.

  1. Modern
  2. Privacy
  3. Independence

Now, let us see each of the reason in detail.


Since the launch of Mozilla Firefox Browser, it has undergone through many versions and each it got better and better.  The latest versions perfectly suited for the modern world and come up with many features.  Some of the features are:


Get your favorite powerful add-ons and extensions

Mozilla Firefox Browser is a better browser and it turns out to be the best with a set of add-ons its support and provide.  Few among the thousands of popular add-ons supported by Firefox Browser are Adblock, ublock, LastPass.


Make Mozilla Firefox Browser yours by customizing the browser

There are a lot of customizations that one can do on a Mozilla Firefox browser.  Let it be a theme or an installation of an add-on.  Firefox Browser allows you to personalize everything from themes to privacy tools.


Browse faster and Do more with Mozilla Firefox Browser

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox Browser not only improved in privacy and security. But it also got faster in getting the results for user queries.  Now, get more things done in less or no time.  It achieves fastness by using less RAM, Multitasking with multiple tabs and speeding up ping times to reduce lags in overall gameplay.


Use Mozilla Firefox everywhere with a Sync between devices

Sign into your Firefox Account and Pick up where you left off.  Access your protected passwords, opened tabs and bookmarks on all synced devices.

You are always in control of your account data. Encrypted and unreadable by anyone.


Take control of your browser with Mozilla Firefox Browser for Android

Firefox is available on Android with the same features that are available on the desktop browser.  Browsing on mobile now becomes much faster and secure with add-ons and Private Browsing with Tracking Protection.


Go beyond the default and use Mozilla Firefox Browser for iOS

Go beyond the default browser provided by operating systems and try Mozilla Firefox Browser for iOS.  Firefox intelligent search suggestions help you find what you’re looking at faster speeds.  With the work done in predicting search terms, one can answer the questions in seconds.


Help Mozilla Firefox Browser launch new features with Test Pilot

Mozilla Firefox Test Pilot is an opt-in platform.  With Test Pilot, one can choose the experiments they want to test new features. Experimental features actually simplify user life before Firefox ships them to an audience of millions.


Speed up your computer with balanced memory usage

Mozilla Firefox Browser uses only enough memory and that lets you browse smoothly.  Leaving plenty of memory keeps your computer responsive.


Get better bookmarks with customization

Bookmark your favorite websites with just a click on the star icon next to site address bar.  Not just bookmarking, it even allows you to add custom names and folders.  With Firefox Sync access all your bookmarks across multiple devices, from desktop to mobile.

Use Pocket to save an online article or a web page.   Come back and view it later even without the internet.



Protect and manage your online privacy easily with a collection of Firefox add-ons.  It offers protection even against hidden trackers.  Besides, here are the few features that are contributed by various add-on providers.


Block ad trackers and Browse without a trace

Browsing the web in Private window blocks all the ads with trackers.  Once you close Private Browsing window, the browser automatically erases all the online info for that session.  You leave no trace related to passwords, cookies, and history.


Get better and more powerful Private Browsing

Let it be a private browsing or data collection, there is no need think too much.  In fact, Firefox is the only browser that has a tracking protection.


Limited data collection

Mozilla Firefox Browser collects only a limited amount of user information.  The information collected is about crash reports, products and services etc.  Collected information is used only for improving the products and services.


Easily manage logins with Password Manager

Mozilla Firefox Password Manager saves all passwords and logins automatically.  So, users don’t need to remember them anymore.



Mozilla Firefox is an independent browser, unlike other browsers.  It features Bookmark management, Download management, Password management, Form management, Spell Checking, Search Engine toolbar, Privacy Mode and Auto-Updater etc.  Moreover, it supports major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, BSD, Android and other UNIX flavors.


Open source is what makes Mozilla Firefox Browser different

Firefox is built by a non-profit corporation – Mozilla Foundation.  That means they can do the things that others can’t.  Likewise building the new products and features without any hidden agenda.


Choose independence and protect your rights

In the first place, Mozilla fights for user online rights and keeps corporate powers in check.  Thus making the Internet accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Conclusion: Hope you enjoyed reading the article.  For this reason, switch now your default web browser to Mozilla Firefox Browser.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter(@InfoSeekOut) for updates.

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