Firefox Addons To Protect And Manage Your Online Privacy

By | August 12, 2017

Firefox Addons: Now Protect and Manage Your Online Privacy Easily

Privacy:  A state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people.  To put it another way its information about people not secluded by others.  Privacy in online a myth.

Firefox Addons To Protect And Manage Your Online Privacy - InfoSeekOut

Here is a strong reason to call it a myth.

For the most part users in the online surf, the web through the privacy modes or incognito modes on their web browsers and believe their surfing is private.  But it’s not.  Certainly, they can still be tracked by all means with a technology called Browser Fingerprinting.  A browser fingerprint is a unique fingerprint of your web browser.  It’s similar to finger print of a person.


In addition, users who are conscious about the privacy will go for paid VPN (Virtual Private Network) services.  They are in the hope that they are protected.  Although, it’s not.


Besides the VPN service providers may sell your browsing data (a very few, but not all).  In fact here is an example of such VPN provider in news.  Seeing accused of violating users’ privacy (


Now, for this reason, one should definitely agree that online privacy is a myth.  But, you can be smart on privacy with a collection of Firefox addons.


Here is the collection of 20 Firefox addons. These are designed to help and give you furthermore control of your personal information.


Firefox Addons:

  1. AdBlock:

    Now save some of your time and bandwidth with AdBlock.  It blocks all the advertisements on all web pages. Even though Facebook, and YouTube.

    Created by AdBlock

    Available on:  Chrome, Firefox, Edge Safari as well as Android

  2. BetterPrivacy-signed:

    Controls a new, trickier kind of cookie.  As well as known as a Local Shared Object (LSO) or Flash cookie.  In the first place, it offers various ways to handle Flash-cookies.  In the event that is created by web pages with the help of user Flash plug-in.

    Created by IKRG

    Available on: Firefox

  3. Bloody Vikings! :

    In the first place, it protects user real e-mail address from spam.  As can be seen, this is done by creating disposable email addresses in the web browser.  As a matter of fact, it simplifies the use of temporary e-mail addresses and supports inter alia and

    Created by Florian Fieber

    Available on: Firefox

  4. Blur:

    It is similar to a password manager and protects user Passwords, Payments, and Privacy.

    Created by Abine, Inc., the online privacy company

    Available on: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

  5. Clear Console:

    Clears all of the cache, cookies, history, html5/local storage, and HTTP logins at one click.

    Created by Rejah Rehim A A, Sreenath Sasikumar, others

    Available on: Firefox

  6. Disconnect:

    Lets user to visualize and block the invisible sites that track search and browsing history.  Now make the web browsing faster, more private, and secure with Disconnect.

    Created by Disconnect

    Available on: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

  7. Disconnect for Facebook™:

    An efficient firewall to disconnect third-party websites from accessing user Facebook account.  Not only that but also prevents Facebook from tracking the user web pages.

    Created by Morni Colhkher

    Available on: Chrome, Firefox

  8. DuckDuckGo Plus:

    It’s a search engine that does not track its user’s activities.  This add-on makes user default search engine as DuckDuckGo upon its installation.

    Created by DuckDuckGo

    Available on: Firefox, Chrome, Opera as DuckDuckGo

  9. FoxyProxy Standard:

    An advanced proxy management tool that simplifies browsers configuring to access proxy-servers.  On the positive side, use FoxyProxy for a simple and less advanced configuration options.

    Created by Eric H. Jung, Groeg, others

    Available on: Chrome, Firefox

  10. Ghostery:

    Notably allows the user to block the offending trackers and significantly increases browsing privacy, protection, and speed.

    Created by Ghostery

    Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

  11. History Cleaner:

    By all means, deletes history.  Especially that is older than a specified amount of days.

    Created by Rayquaza01

    Available on: Firefox

  12. KeeFox:

    Again it is similar to a password manager.  An easy to use password management add-on. Consequently, saves time and keeps user data private more secure.

    Created by Luckyrat

    Available on: Firefox

  13. Lesspass:

    Generates complex passwords and log in automatically to all user sites.

    Created by Guillaume Vincent

    Available on: Chrome, Firefox

  14. Lightbeam for Firefox:

    By using interactive visualizations, the add-on displays relationships between third party websites and the sites user visit.

    Created by Mozilla

    Available on: Firefox

  15. Link Cleaner:

    Significantly cleans URL addresses that are about to be visited.
    Removes utm_* parameters
    On item pages of Ali express and Amazon, removes tracking parameters
    Skip redirect pages of facebook, steam, and Reddit

    Created by Erwan Ameil

    Available on: Firefox

  16. NoScript Security Suite:

    Straightaway allows execution of JavaScript only by trusted web sites of user choice.  It is the best security one can get in a web browser.

    Created by Giorgio Maone

    Available on: Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, and other Mozilla-based web browsers.

  17. Privacy Badger:

    From time to time protects the user from trackers.  Overall it is done by automatically blocking spying ads and invisible trackers.

    Created by Electronic Frontier Foundation Technologists

    Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera

  18. Self-Destructing Cookies:

    Get rid of site’s cookies on local storage once you close its tab. As a matter of fact, it protects against trackers and zombie-cookies.  In addition, allows whitelisting of Trustworthy sites.

    Created by Ove

    Available on: Firefox

  19. Smart HTTPS:

    Must be remembered.  It automatically changes insecure HTTP website addresses to the secure HTTPS.  If loading encounters an error, it reverts back to the HTTP.

    Created by ilGur

    Available on: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

  20. uBlock Origin:

    It is an open source (free), cross-platform browser add-on.  Indeed the fast, efficient, and lightweight blocker can be used for content-filtering, including ad-blocking.

    Created by Raymond Hill

    Available on:  Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Firefox, and Opera, Safari (Beta).


Conclusion:  Given these points once should be able to manage their online privacy easily.  Hope you enjoyed reading the article Firefox Addons.  Like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@InfoSeekOut) for more updates.


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