SMS Organizer: The Best Messaging App for Android By Microsoft

By | July 1, 2017

Microsoft SMS organizer: SMS is the most common feature found in any kind of phone. What is this SMS? SMS is the shortened form of Short Message Service. It is a text messaging service offered by telephone companies and World Wide Web. Mobile phone devices exchange these short text messages by using communication protocols.


SMS is the best means for businesses and government organizations to communicate with their audience or public. For Example: Remember about the SMS you receive after you do an online transaction or SMS saying about the status of your purchased product on an e-commerce website.  Isn’t it useful?


With SMS feature, users are allowed to send and receive messages maximum of up to 160 alphanumeric characters for single SMS.  Apart from the benefits, the major drawback of this messaging service is its vulnerability.  Some of the vulnerabilities can be Spam SMS and too many promotional messages that mess your message inbox.


Knowing the importance of SMS in one’s life, here we wanted to share an Android texting app that makes SMS managing easier.  The Android SMS app we introduce to our readers is Microsoft SMS Organizer.  It classifies your text messages and helps you focus on important messages.  The app is lightweight and takes up less than 4MB of space on a mobile device.  Moreover, it works completely offline.  No need to worry about the privacy. The app won’t ask you to upload any SMS or Meta information to the cloud for classifying.


Here are the significant features of the SMS Organizer app:

Microsoft SMS Organizer Android App - InfoSeekOut

  1. Cleaner SMS Inbox

The main thing SMS Organizer does is, it offers clean SMS inbox. The app prioritizes the messages and helps you end the infinite number of unread messages in the inbox. With a cleaner inbox, one can easily focus on the most important messages.


  1. Timely Reminders

The SMS Organizer not only does messages organizing.  It can even be used to set reminders.  So that you never have to remember an important task.  The app sets reminders for actions mentioned in the messages as well.

For example Messages about credit card/phone bill payments and movie/travel tickets, etc.

You can even create custom reminders using any SMS.


  1. Send Free SMS over the Internet

Use this app to send free SMS to any phone. SMS Organizer, allows you to send 30 messages/day over the internet to any mobile in India.


  1. Android Backup SMS & Restore

How to backup text messages?  This is the first question comes to your mind when you are going to switch handsets or format your phone. The SMS Organizer app allows you to backup text messages to the cloud and restores them when needed.


  1. Star Important Messages

This is the other major benefit of this app.  It helps you star the messages.  So that it’s easier to come back and check them later.


  1. Better security

As the app works offline and no need of uploading any messages to the cloud, all private messages remain secure.


  1. Block Spam

The app blocks spam messages from sending notifications and alerts so that you aren’t interrupted by non-essential messages.


  1. Themes

Other than default theme, the app offers one more theme which is a Dark theme. Just open SMS app and select the dark theme.


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Improvements in Version 1.1.48 (Released on November 24, 2017)

  • Support for referral links.
  • Weekly Summary changes.
  • Fix for contacts not coming up.

Improvements in Version 1.1.44 (Released on November 09, 2017)

  • Improvement in the launch time of app.
  • Support for the Group SMS and app shortcuts.
  • Support for versioned backup and ability to perform multiple operations on a single tap.

Improvements in Version 1.0.37 (Released on October 31, 2017)

  • Support for new OTP patterns
  • Reminders fix

Improvements in Version 1.0.36 (Released on October 18, 2017)

  • Added support for new OTP patterns

Improvements in Version 1.0.35 (Released on October 9, 2017)

  • Fix for the lag in deleting messages and marking them as read.

Improvements in Version 1.0.34 (Released on October 03, 2017)

  • Fix in Notifications
  • Fix for send SMS intent from other apps

Improvements in Version 1.0.33 (Released on September 27, 2017)

  • Swipe to move to the next conversation in conversation view.
  • Setting to Switch Tabs on Swip (Settings -> General-> Swipe Options)
  • Fix on group notifications
  • New invite view

Improvements in Version 1.0.32 (Released on September 13, 2017)

  • Support for sending scheduled messages
  • Support for message signature
  • Notifications fix for multi-user devices
  • Group notifications and Handling more OTP patterns

Improvements in Version 1.0.31 (Released on August 31, 2017)

  • Bug fixes
  • Option to ‘Mark as Unread’
  • ‘Move To’ option on left/right swipe
  • Enabling all options for Archived messages
  • Option to delete messages from search results
  • Special handling for Redmi devices notifying permission errors while reading service SMS


With the above-mentioned features, definitely, this is the best android texting app. The SMS Organizer App is available on Google Play Store for download.  By the time of writing this post, the best text messaging app has 4.5 rating with 10,000+ downloads.

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